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Clinton Landslide!

Even while the final debate was still underway on Fox News Channel, pundits and social media “experts” rushed to their microphones and keyboards to declare Hillary Clinton not the winner of the debate, but of the election.

Trump Was Right – AlGore Proved It

When Donald Trump was given an opportunity to lay his conspiracy theories aside and accept the American electoral system as the legitimate, peaceful transfer of power it has been since the founding he doubled down. Given historical precedent, Trump was right.

Both Candidates Are Losing It!

Are you terrified yet? Maybe you should be. The most frightening aspect of this campaign is that we have one candidate admitting to temporary insanity and the other showing every evidence of permanent mental disability.

Planning for Recovery Begins Now

During his radio program today, Rush Limbaugh fielded a question from a listener who pointed out that Donald’ Trump’s behavior throughout the campaign proved the “conspiracy theory” that he was intentionally losing the election to Hillary Clinton at Clinton’s behest.