Why Support Obama?

As noted in an earlier post, current approval ratings do not seem to have an impact on this election…

President Bush: 27%
Democrat Congress: 10%

How can this be? Everyone who has taken a high school civics class knows that budget bills originate in Congress. Many of them know the Democrat Congress has consistently exceeded the president’s budget requests every year since they took over. Thanks to Bush’s bowing to demands from McCain, General Petraeus and others calling for a troop surge in Iraq, the war is now a secondary issue. Most people recognize that the war will end soon regardless of who wins the presidential election.

So why is it that the same people who recognize that the Democrat controlled Congress has been a dismal failure are willing to elect a Democrat president with limited political experience? Do these people really believe that the same people who screwed things up will do any better when they have a rubber stamp in the Executive Branch? Other than the war, the most significant failures of George Bush has been refusal to pull out his veto pen when the Democratic Congress ran roughshod over the American people with huge deficits, absurd new entitlement programs and promotion of the mortgage industry policy that created the current economic turmoil.

The answer is simple: Even though everyone knows the president cannot create budget policy, manage the economy or even control the costs of fuel without the cooperation of Congress, he is the national figurehead. America is about to discipline the party of Republican George Bush for the high crime and misdemeanor of… governing like a Democrat.

But what about tax cuts for the rich? The dirty little secret is that Bush’s “tax cuts” also took some 30 milion low to moderate income people (including myself) off of the tax rolls. We are the beneficiaries of refundable tax creds such as the Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit which Democrats are allowing to expire so they can be resurrected as Obama’s “middle class tax cut”. The centerpiece of Obama’s tax policy is that the part of Bush’s tax cut that didn’t work.

So we will soon have a Democrat in the White House prepared to pack the Supreme Court with the most liberal, activist justices in history with the aid of the most Leftist Congress in history because the “Compassionate Conservatism” philosophy drove George Bush to govern like a Democrat. The upside is that it will not be long before the president’s approval rating will be the same as Congress’. The downside is that four years of unchecked Socialist policy may redefine what it means to be an American.

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