The Only Compromise Is Mine!

Senator Harry Reid has set a new standard for hypocricy with his insistance that anything the House passes will be “Dead On Arrival” in the Senate because the GOP controlled House of Representatives “will not compromise.”   When asked, the Senate Majority Leader defined compromise as going along with the unspecified plans of President Obama or himself. 

He finally had a rare moment of honesty when he told the media that his is the only acceptable compromise.  The irony here is that a willing media has translated mythical “plans” in both the White House and the Senate into actual policy on which the House will not give way.  Other than the Gang of Six proposal which has not been put into writing and Senators Reid and McConnel’s bipartisan proposal — also not put into writing — there is nothing on which the House can compromise on.

As the CBO recently stated, they can’t score speeches.   Likewise, they can’t score rhetoric about plans that as of today, still do not exist.   Once Senator Reid puts his cards on the table, we will probably see something on which the House can vote — whether they vote it up or down remains to be seen.

The President’s bluff has been called.

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