Convergent Ignorance — IE [is] for Dummies

By Tony Silva

They Think You're Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Republicans Must Do to Keep ItTechMediaNet ran a story on FoxNews citing a study that found Internet Explorer users are dumber than those who use Chrome or FireFox.  AptiQuant, the company that published the online study, grouped users by IQ and the browsers they used.   Not surprisingly, the people who use the browser that comes with virtually every non-Mac computer scored lower on the IQ tests than those who used the browsers most often chosen by technical people, professionals and college students. 
What is really remarkable is that this “oh duh!” junk science was not funded by some debt engorging government project.

“Q” Hypothesizes…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a wild guess about the smarts of people on the debt issue based on their email addresses:

  • .com – They’re at the top of the heap… DOT Com folks get the idea that businesses need the freedom to expand, hire and market goods and services the people need — they understand that spending the country into a ditch puts everyone at risk, and taxing the producers to fund projects only an Internet Explorer user would think makes sense — doesn’t make sense
  • .net – They’re near the top… they get the concept that you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have in order to give it to people who didn’t earn it just because you can steal it from people who’ve earned it
  • .org – Middle of the pack… they know spending the nation into poverty and bonding ourselves to the ChiComs is foolish, but they grant themselves special exemptions for whatever DOT Org they support
  • .edu – Near the bottom of the scale, these folks are responsible for “educating” the general public about economics, civics and common sense — clearly they failed
  • .gov — Do not register on most IQ tests — they lack the intelligence or common sense necessary to manage a balanced budget — people with this email address should not be permitted to vote or have bank accounts

Recent Progress and Failures…

  • – is bucking the trend, showing a minimal amount of common sense
  • – closest to the bottom, given their inability to function in a world that requires compromise, common sense and a sense of patriotic duty to do the right thing
  • – People with this email address do not register any brainwave activity at all

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