Sorros’ New Astroturf Movement — Paid Illegals

Conservative talkers have been all atwitter this week about the contrast between the Occupy Wall Street movement and the TEA Party.  Among the comparisons, the TEA Party protests were generally orderly while the Occuiers are generally disorganized; the TEA Partiers generally cleaned up after themselves while the Occupation has resulted in huge sanitation issues for New York City; TEA Partiers took vacation or personal days to attend their rallies and the Occupiers cut school or called in sick to create their disruptive rabble, according to conservative critics.

But now, the true nature of the Occupation is coming to light.   Lacking the devotion to principle that gave birth to the TEA Party, George Sorros’ lackies have resorted to hiring illegals to carry English language signs they can’t even read promoting various anti-American themes, according to a piece in The Daily Caller.  According to the article, the organizer of the D.C. march could not identify who among his rabble were volunteers and who were hired illegals.  “I’m not going to get into the identification game,” he said.

All of this seems to give some feet to claims about Radical Left and DNC “envy” of the TEA Party and an effort to re-create a Left-leaning, anti-American version of the grass roots movement.  What they succeded in doing is creating an absurd immitation, “Astro-Turf” version.  Capitalizm may not work in the hate-America crowd, but apparently it produces the best illegal immigrant anti-American protesters money can buy.

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