Expensive Astroturf

H/T PolitiStick

Matthew K. Burke, a RINO hunter if we ever saw one has exposed Sen. John McCain’s “Arizona Grassroots Action” political group as a big donor squeeze box selling access for a mere 100K.

McCain is starting to make the Clintons look like models of ethical political activity. OK, so he’s not THAT corrupt. But he is grinding the edge, and killer blogs like Politistick are watching.

 The Money Trail

Conservatives need to pay close attention to the old adage, “follow the money.” RINOs and their Democrat counterparts often share the same donor base, which is why they’ve become a “uniparty” over the years. Our challenge to readers is to visit Open Secrets and find out who owns your congressman. Post to the discussion what you find and why it is or is not OK. 

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