GOP: Tim Kain Too Conservative


In a scathing article on their Website, the Republican Party officially has come out against Tim Kaine, and you won’t believe their objections. Among them, Kain’s somewhat pro-life views are unacceptable, as was his support for the war in Iraq and the Surge.

Most remarkable, Kain’s one time support of traditional marriage has offended the New GOP enough to find its way into their critique. Under Trump, many of the positions once articulated by the GOP’s standard bearers are now anathema, even though the remnant of conservatives in the Elephant Graveyard managed to keep those planks in the platform. 

Thursday evening, Trump locked arms with the gay agenda, Black Lives Matter and a host of other liberal viewpoints. Before that, his daughter promised free college and mandatory day care on her father’s behalf for the hoards of Bernie sanders supporters he is trying to recruit.

So with the cultural role of the GOP turned on its head, their disdain for a Democratic VP nominee who is nominally pro-life, pro-marriage and supportive of our Iraq war policy should come as no surprise. But it still surprised us.

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