Post-Election Escape Plans?

H/T Live & Invest Overseas

While Googling “Third Party Options”, I stumbled on an Overseas Investment ad that played on our fears, as AlGore would say. It offered up free literature about the six greatest post-election escape plans with the tag line, “You don’t have to move to Canada!”

Is there any greater sign that we have an unacceptable choice before us when the general public is being provided access to post-election escape options and not just liberal movie stars who promise every four years they’ll leave the country if their favorite candidate loses? 

We have obligations here that keep us from making a mad dash for Madagascar should Hillary, Donald or Gary win in November. So we’ll have to rely on prayer, optimism and and the tried and true “hunker in the bunker” until another election offers us sweet relief. Or there is Steve Deace’s oft repeated solution: “Sweet Meteor of Death.”

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