Starting A New Conservative Party

H/T: The New Americana

J.D. Rucker of The New Americana, a conservative alternative to the White Nationalist linking page, Drudge Report has a link up describing his strategy to create a new party to rebuild the Reagan Coalition.

We could spend hours explaining why such a strategy would not work given the stranglehold the current oligarchy has on the body politic. However, this may finally be the place in history when the GOP will in fact fade into irrelevance as did the Whigs in 1860. The GOP has become an Elephant Graveyard as the RNC has merged with Trump’s nationalist “worker’s party” and surrendered its identity as a home for people of conscience. Something must be done.

We’ve posted stories here of people announcing their ‪#‎ExitGOP‬ and plans to become Libertarians or join the Constitution Party. The New Americana rightfully points out that consolidating conservative parties and institutionalizing the Tea Party is a more workable strategy to give birth to a new political movement. Most conservatives would reflexively cringe at the idea that the Tea Party, taken over by White Nationalists is a good fit for an emergent “Reagan Coalition.” Indeed, Ted Cruz may have set forth the principles such a party needs to succeed while attributing those principles to the dying elephant.

Our position is admittedly somewhere in between. Conservatives need to leave the Elephant Graveyard. That’s not in dispute among people of conscience. However, for this cycle we are left with a legitimate binary choice — Trump or Clinton — which for obvious reasons is not an acceptable choice. Cruz’ call to vote your conscience was made in the context of a speech that clearly indicted Hillary as unqualified while hanging on the remaining shards of GOP fundamental issues to say, people of conscience can still vote GOP in good conscience, even if they do not outright support their Cheeto Jesus.

The middle ground for conservatives making a transition from the Elephant Graveyard to the new “Cruz Coalition” will not be easy to reach as there are still festering wounds. For example, The New Americana says a key to the success of their new party building strategy is to give pundits a voice, citing a movement to make Mark Levin a vice presidential choice. Some members of the active Cruz supporting site, The Right Scoop might not be open to such a move. Many of the “Scoopers” see Levin as contributing to the problem by making Trump a legitimate candidate early on before becoming “‪#‎NeverTrump‬ based only on the principle that he had a personal spat with Roger Stone. As the hurt feelings subsided and the reality of a “binary choice” confronted Levin, he began the slow let-down of his listeners by saying he “may just vote for Trump.” It will be a fairly short sprint to “here’s why we must support Trump.”

Make no mistake. A lot of current ‪#‎NeverTrumpers‬ will come on board to vote for the lesser of two Democrats as a short term hedge against the rapid slide into socialism that would be a Clinton presidency. Those of us who do so will do more than hold our nose. We’ll be taking a large barf bag into the voting booth with us. That doesn’t mean conservatives — including those who give in and vote for Trump — do not need to begin a mass migration out of the GOP. But doing so in all of our tribal ways only preserves the GOP’s strength against us. That is even more pressing given the ham handed way they centralized power around Reince Priebus and the GOP oligarchy of lobbyists and corrupt, power hungry politicians — the worst of which is Mr. Trump himself.

Register with the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party or create your own party — do whatever works for you in the short term. But thinking long term, people of conscience who want to preserve America as long as God will shed His grace on her MUST come together centrally in time to make a strong showing in 2018. We support Mr. Rucker’s tilt at the GOP windmill and we hope you join him as well.

A final note to GOP officeholders who have been beaten, bloodied and rejected by yourown party: Quietly reach out to The New Americana and other parties to see where you can have the most impact. The RNC and the Trumpunist Worker’s Party have made clear whatever future you have is not in the Elephant Graveyard.

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