Taking Aim At Target

A sign is posted on the exterior of a Target store on June 15, 2015
in San Bruno, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While the company will not acknowledge whether its latest round of closures has anything to do with their choice to open their women’s restrooms to male voyeurs, proponents of the Target boycott are feeling their strength. NewsMax reports 13 more Targets are closing, possibly as a result of revenue losses because of the boycott.

We did not call for or plan a boycott in our family. We simply stopped shopping there, particularly if it was likely we would need to use a restroom or a dressing room. It could well be that customers, particularly women, are uncomfortable with the possibility they could find themselves in an awkward situation.

A competing store is conveniently located across the street, and we’ve been shopping there more lately. Once the first choice of people who want to get away from the dirt, noise and rudeness of Walmart, Target has apparently become a pariah. And we feel so sorry for their employees for having to choose between gainful employment and an unsustainable social experiment.

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