Trump Dumps Ukraine

According to the Washington Post, the Trump campaign has “gutted” the GOP’s stance against Russia regarding Ukraine — opposing U.S. support of Ukraine against further Russian aggression.

The Post article points out that Trump believes the U.S. should focus on helping Europe fight the War on Terror and open borders rather than confronting Putin.

Diana Denman, a member of the Texas delegation sought a platform amendment calling for increasing sanctions for Russia and aid to Ukraine. Her efforts failed.

The Ukrainian people are trying to come out of the past and stay free. We owe to those who are fighting for freedom still to give them a helping hand,” she said. “I’m very passionate and supportive of the Reagan foreign policy of peace through strength.

The Post points out that Trump too often invokes Reagan when talking about the U.S. role in the world. As contrast, they explain that while Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union, he also stood up to aggression in Europe and he defended democratic principles abroad.

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