We Knew It! Trump Endorses Clinton

Well, sort of. In an unguarded moment, years ago Trump expressed his honest view that Hillary Clinton was a good person and was doing a great job.

We have no problem with Donald Trump as a private citizen praising his friend, donating to her campaigns and even donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to her “foundation.” Friends help friends out — and you don’t say such flattering things about people you don’t trust or agree with.

It does become problematic when Mr. Trump takes a call from former president Bill Clinton who encouraged him to run for president. The lifelong Democrat changed parties back and forth over the years — usually when an election neared. With the approval — or urging — of Bill Clinton, Trump took on the task of tearing down the GOP, corrupting many of the once conservative stalwarts of the party.

They cannot plead ignorance, as the attached video was circulated throughout the 2016 primary season. Disaffected Democrats — 12 million of them — flocked to the open Republican primaries to make mischief, and they succeeded in giving Hillary Clinton what her husband and Trump must have agreed was the best possible scenario in a tough election year: an opponent who not only endorsed her in past campaigns, but who shares many of her values. An opponent who coincidentally parroted every stereotype of Republicans to the point that most actual Republicans were offended.
And now, having hijacked the GOP and turned it into the White Nationalist Worker’s Party, Trump has nearly completed his mission. No doubt he will be celebrating with Clinton and mutual friend, Jeffry Epstein at a private island somewhere.

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