When We’re Not Strong for the Fight

Part 1 of 2) The Republican National Convention did not herald the end of the “Happy Warriors” of the conservative movement. As I read articles and reader comments across the Conservative Internet.

The YouTube video attached to this post is one of two songs I want to share with you as part of this series on the future of the Conservative movement. It is our brief moment to grieve for those who invested so much in trying to restore the GOP to its roots and make the RNC an organization driven by the grassroots and not powerful lobbyists and cronies. I say, “brief moment,” because as you’ll see in the next two posts, we have no time to sit in sackcloth and ashes over the demise of the GOP. We still have an obligation to our nation and to the founding principles to remain strong for the fight.

I am seeing a lot of hopelessness, despair and defeat because “Conservatism has been crushed”. Can I offer an alternative view of the state of the movement? We are not defeated — we are wounded in the fight. Our movement is not dead simply because the GOP’s era of greatness has long since Reagan drawn to a close .

Conservatism as a movement has been secured in what a year ago was the most unlikely of players in this political drama — Texas Senator Ted Cruz’ campaign organization. In the days after Sen. Cruz suspended his campaign, state “Leadership Teams” across the country were informed that the Cruz campaign was shutting down, but the grassroots organization he built would remain intact. Cruz’ organization remains as a trained team of grassroots activists ready to continue the movement independent of any campaign or political organization. While it’s certainly their intent to keep us active and involved for Cruz’ future political endeavors — a Senate re-election in the next two years and possibly another presidential bid in 2020 — there are cohesive teams across the country who, if called upon could be brought to bear on the political battlefield.

BlameCast hopes Senator Cruz will join his organization with grassroots activists from political parties beyond the Elephant Graveyard. We’ve mentioned the Constitution Party as a possible new home for exiled Republicans as they regroup and prepare for the long battle ahead. With ballot access in 28 states, the party would need only funding and the will of a few courageous Constitutional Conservative leaders to take the helm and build it into a viable third party. The Libertarians could be another home but for it’s dedication to socially liberal policies. However, if libertarian leaning Republican leaders switched parties together to the Libertarian Party, it could become a more practical place for expression of constitutionally based conservative policies and the activists who support them.

While I have chosen to become involved in the Constitution Party in my state for the short term, what I really hope to see is a mass movement of Ted Cruz’ “not Republican, but Constitutional Conservative Movement” organization to become wall builders. Not the Trump Wall, but the wall of protection Nehemiah built around the rebuilt Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile. We are a people in political exile. We must return to “Jerusalem”; we must not merely live in the city of the enemy. We must build our city and fortify it. Such an endeavor can no longer even be imagined within the confines of the city of dead elephants.

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