DNC Bounce — Or Trump Decline?

Now that the conventions are behind us, the question of a “Clinton bounce” is starting to answer itself — and the answer won’t please Donald Trump.

According to a new CNN poll, Trump has fallen as Clinton has risen. Clinton now leads 52% to 43%. The issue seems to be Trump’s rants against Gold Star parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, because they are Muslims.

In response to the father’s passionate speech at the Democratic convention calling Trump out for his attacks on people based on gender, race and religion, Trump focused on Khizr Khan‘s wife, who stood in the background in support of her husband. Trump claimed the wife was not allowed to speak because Muslims do not permit their women to speak.

Beyond the significant boost Hillary enjoyed after her carefully orchestrated convention, Trump does not appear to be uniting his party:

Republican Party unity, meanwhile, has faded some compared with a survey immediately after their convention. While 73% said they thought the GOP would unite by November in a post-GOP convention poll, just 66% say the same now.

 The GOP nominee almost daily lashes out at fellow Republicans. And with each new outrage, Republican leaders are denouncing their own nominee.

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