Clinton Landslide!

Even while the final debate was still underway on Fox News Channel, pundits and social media “experts” rushed to their microphones and keyboards to declare Hillary Clinton not the winner of the debate, but of the election. More than one #NeverTrump Website and the entire alphabet soup of cable and network outlets claimed the election was over. But that won’t stop the Trump faithful from registering their objection to what they believe is a premature declaration of victory. They’ll register a protest vote on November 8th. If Hillary and her enablers in the media bothered to look at any U.S. calendar, they might be surprised to discover the election is not scheduled until then.

Amid claims of election fraud sponsored by the DNC and its contractors, Donald Trump has charged that the election is “rigged”. That prompted Chris Wallace to try to get a commitment from Trump to accept the outcome of the election if Hillary wins. Trump demurred. As we’ve stated in an earlier post, he was right to withhold such a commitment as we do not know yet whether the election will be close or under what circumstances the Trump camp might find irregularities on a scale that require a recount or legal action. Too much has surfaced regarding the Obama administration’s effort to make millions of people U.S. citizens in time for the election, or the Clinton camp’s documented efforts to disrupt Trump’s campaign events and to promote widespread election fraud.

Trump would not be the first candidate to contest an election outcome, and while messy, such actions are no threat to the Republic. We survived Bush v. Gore, the former vice president’s effort to steal the election through endless recounts, voter disenfranchisement and in the courts — which backfired. But all that seems premature. Even though the media has declared the election over with Clinton winning in a landslide, Trump supporters and the various third, fourth and fifth party candidate supporters will be registering a protest vote on November 8th. While Democrats might watch the news and conclude the election is over, the event on November 8th is expected to draw millions of voters to the polls to register their objection to Clinton’s media coronation. And given that the election on Election Day is what matters, they are entitled to their say.

Hillary Clinton — and Mr. Trump — should earn every vote and present a persuasive case for their candidacy. It is not up to pundits, pollsters and political hacks to declare an election over. If you’re a Democrat, you’re welcome to come to the polls on Election Day. Remember, while Hillary and her party take her voters for granted, no election has an outcome until the votes of the people have been cast.

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