Commenting Guidelines

   About BlameCast Comments

BlameCast is primarily a current events and political commentary site. Our stories are either links to other news-oriented sites with our editorial comments. Our editorial comments are “seedlings” for broader discussion between our moderators, members and visitors — who we call, “guests.”

This site uses a cross-site commenting system called, “Disqus” to help our guests engage with each other across a variety of Conservative blog sites. Each article on BlameCast represents both our comment on a news item (or an original news item from our site) and a space for users to talk about the story’s topic.

In some cases, a story will be clearly identified as an “Open Thread,” meaning guests can talk about any topic within reason provided it is related in some way to our broad categories of Top Stories (Current Events), Politics & Elections (Issues), Culture & Religion, Media and similar categories.

Many of our stories are “derivative news,” meaning we take information or content from one or more news sources available on the Internet. These will always include a link to the credited source(s). We encourage guests to visit the links to the original source stories to get the benefit of a greater balance between their reporting and our opinion.

Where Credit is Due

One of the best Blogging/Comment sites on the Web is “The Right Scoop”. If the comment guidelines below are similar to theirs, it is by design. “The Right Scoop” is relatively free of flame wars, trolling and general nastiness. That’s a result of great moderating, great guests, and a solid, simple set of posting guidelines that are fairly enforced. In this case, imitation is not just a sincere form of flattery, it’s a good model for keeping our conversations civil across our sites.

Our Commenting Rules

We believe “The Golden Rule” is the best, overriding guideline for conversations on BlameCast. However, there are times when we need to delete posts or even ban users who are repeatedly abusive of other guests:

  • Threats. Under no circumstances will threats or intimidation against public figures, our writers or commenters be tolerated. In some cases, such content will not only be deleted and the user banned, but we may be obligated to report the threats to the proper authorities.

  • Racist, Sexist, Homophobic — Bigotry. It is appropriate to disagree with Black Lives Matter, National Organization for Women or GLAAD. It’s not appropriate to use clearly bigoted language. 

  • Ads & Spam. Do not post advertisements for products, campaigns, etc. unless they are germane to the discussion. In such cases, only post a link and summary.

  • Links to Your Blog or Site. Links to your blog or Website are permitted when the linked article is in response to our site, or cited as source material for your comment. Simply promoting other sites is not appropriate.

  • Other Source Material. Do not cut and paste content from other sites. You may provide a “summary and link” for the sake of establishing your topic or informing other guests about something of interest. You can quote a brief passage, but give credit to the source and include a link.

  • No Blind Links. Blind links are those which direct people to another site without explaining what the link goes to. Particularly video sites like Vine and YouTube which autorun material are not acceptable without a summary.

    Commenting Etiquette

    The following guidelines will help keep the conversations fun and freewheeling without creating a hostile discussion board:

    • Ad Hominem & Abusive Posts. These happen when we attack people instead of giving a well-reasoned response to their arguments and ideas. Although rude and unwelcome, references to public figures using ad-hominem may be tolerated. Examples: “The President is an idiot” or “Bill O’Reilley is an arrogant scumbag.” Similar comments about our editors, writers and guests will be deleted.

    • Hyperbole — “Nazi” References. It always happens in election years. Someone disagrees with a candidate’s policy on paperclip disposal and immediately, he’s compared to Hitler, Mussolini or Pol Pot. As a rule, these references are not tolerated. However, when defended with legitimate comparisons on policy (for example, supporting anti-Semitic, genocide, etc.).

    • Profanity or Bathroom Humor. Generally, thoughtful people do not need to use profanity. However, if you believe it is needed to make a point, use the first letter and a few stars. This is called “self-censored profanity”, and it is acceptable. However, childish “bathroom humor” adds nothing to a discussion 
    • Duplicate Posts. It is rude and distracting to cross-post or to place the exact same post in multiple threads. Post where it is closest to the topic. Sometimes people accidentally post more than once. It is OK to delete the duplicate.

    • Stay on Topic. The title of a story and its general content define the “topic” of a comment thread. As noted above, we do post open threads in which almost any topic is welcome.

    •   NEVER USE ALL CAPS, or boldface for an entire post. In Internet terms, that is considered shouting. It is rude and distracts from the flow of conversations.

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